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Services: Coming in 2019

For over a decade, we've worked globally as independent Strategists, specializing in change and growth initiatives for both organizations and individuals.

After a lot of requests (and a lot of contemplation!), we've decided to bring a sliver of the work we do in that arena here to No Vacation Required. Are you ready to jump-start an aspect of your life, your career or maybe your business? Are you ready to change?

We know, from the work we do with clients and from what we've done with our own lives, that fulfillment – deep satisfaction – can be elusive because it goes beyond mere happiness. We believe that the biggest challenge we can each take on in life is figuring ourselves out. Only when we've begun to do that will our lives, our careers, our businesses truly take off.

We each have natural talents – strengths and differentiators – that are very precise. The surprise for most people is that these unique attributes don't always align with what you're "good at" or how you make money. That's why so many people go through life feeling somehow out of sync or, perhaps, successful but unfulfilled.

It can be overwhelmingly confusing.

That's where we can help.