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NVR 365

Thoughts on maximizing every day. Click around the site and you'll uncover tips, ideas and some of the details of our path as we navigate our dream life.

NVR 365

Years ago, we started this website as a way to chronicle our story and to provide inspiration for people yearning to create their own versions of a No Vacation Required (NVR) lifestyle. Our desire to share our story was been bolstered by the fact that most change agents (and a large chunk of the self-help industry, in general) motivate fulfillment seekers by perpetuating the fear-based, profit-fueling message proclaiming: You're not good enough. This is a doomsday message that keeps you looking outside of yourself for satisfaction and validation.

We're here to dismantle that myth because the truth is: You are good enough.

If our professional careers (as Strategists specializing in change and growth initiatives for organizations and individuals) and living this NVR lifestyle have taught us anything, it's that true fulfillment – your own version of a NVR life – comes from within. The more you know yourself and the more you access what you're all about, the better able you are to put your finger on what you're meant to be doing in life. 

The end result: Fulfillment

Over a decade into this lifestyle with a successful business and thriving lives, we're in the mastery phase, and we want to make this chapter about sharing tools with you. In 2019, keep an eye out for Stop Hating Mondays. Focusing entirely on how to bolster your self-awareness (and not those external fixes!), this free resource will give you the framework you need for creating a life where you, too, can do what you love every day. Also, After a lot of requests (and a lot of contemplation!), we've decided to bring a sliver of our Services here to No Vacation Required in 2019.

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