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Making a Difference (Memory Lane)



2017 - In 2017 we, once again, leaned heavily into the Effective Altruism movement. Oxfam was, again, our charity of choice and we continued making donations based on our walk/hike/run mileage total throughout the year. In 2017, We crossed 3000 miles (our goal for the year) on November 7th. We landing on 3007 miles at the end of the day. In 2017, we also took our relationship with the ACLU to a new level. We live in a turbulent world, and no organization can protect vulnerable populations like the ACLU can.  We were happy to become part of the ACLU's advocacy movement in Seattle. Because #solidarity! 

2016 - In 2016 we leaned heavily into the Effective Altruism movement. Effective Altruism is all about evaluating altruistic options and acting in a way that positively supports the greatest possible impact. It's also about making decision in your own life that support a "take only what I need" mindset. Tough stuff to grapple with, for sure. In addition to continuing to support charities we love – see below – we embarked on a fun partnership with Oxfam that capitalizes on our love of walking / running hiking. 

   Back in D.C. for more advocacy in 2015!

Back in D.C. for more advocacy in 2015!

2015 - Our Charity of Choice was the ACLU. We especially love that the ACLU strives to give all people equal footing and, in 2015, that they were at the forefront of the fight for marriage equality. We negotiated a travel writing assignment that combined our passion for travel and LGBT advocacy. The assignment took us to several cities where we were able to participate in critical LGBT advocacy events (including several Pride celebrations and Washington D.C. to witness our top court deliberating marriage equality). Also, we were again in the midst of all sorts of other advocacy in an attempt to do our part in making the world a better place, in general.

2014 - In addition focusing on our Charities of Choice, CARE and Share Our Strength – we leaned heavily into our passion for LGBT advocacy during 2014. We did some exciting work with the Normal Heart Foundation and drummed up support for Broadway Cares / Equity Flights AIDS. We hosted a fun, Expedia sponsored meet up in NYC and hosted a group attending BCEFA's signature annual event. As always, though, it's the day-to-day mindfulness that excites us the most. We encouraged NVR readers to share their "best advice" rather than leaving comments on the site. For each nugget of wisdom received, we donated a $1. That, in addition to several other advocacy blitzes during the year, led to about $7000 in donations to our Charities of Choice.


2013 - We're one step further along on the road to marriage equality. Early in the year, we had a great advocacy trip to DC to rally for the cause. We then celebrated (hard!) when things went our way with the Supreme Court in June. This year's summertime advo-camping adventure was all about small acts of kindness. While hiking/walking/running 250+ miles, we made it our aim to bust out an act of kindness each day. During the last quarter of the year, we again ramped up our food security advocacy and – in conjunction with World Food Day and our trip to the NYCW&FF – rallied support for Share Our Strength. They work to ensure that every kid in America gets the needed nutrition.


2012 - During the 5 year anniversary of our living this NVR life, we made a commitment to take things – including our advocacy – to a whole new level. Things went well! We travelled to Washington D.C. to advocate for religious freedom and healthcare for all. Once again, we were all about spreading the word on food security / poverty reduction, and we took that message on the road during our annual advo-camping adventure. In 2012, we were big on being better local citizens in Washington State and Seattle. Of course, we fought like crazy for marriage equality – it was successful! We rounded out the year by participating in Passports with Purpose, where the travel community comes together for good.


2011 - The year got off to a great start on the "making a difference" front. Early in the year, we advocated along side CARE  in Washington D.C., and the impact was immense. Just as we did last year, we set out on another camping/hiking advo-cation (2 actually!) and, more importantly, made huge progress in our quest to integrate some sort of advocating into our everyday life and travels. In 2011, we were especially proud to further incorporate advocacy into our business plan, raising clients' awareness and donating a portion of fees to organizations, like CARE, that are working to expand the circle of opportunity. We closed out the year by championing new initiatives from Oxfam and the Opportunity Finance Network and by participating in Passports with Purpose.


2010 - In 2010, we were especially inspired to make a difference by the fact that 1 in 6 world citizens are chronically hungry. Not cool, so we want to help change that. A highlight of the year was our advo-cation to Wyoming, where we shared that disturbing statistic and motivated people to act. Throughout the year, we continued to make our Charity of Choice (Mercy Corps) a big part of our business plan. They did/do a lot of great work in Haiti, which we were thrilled to support. A clear highlight of the year, though, was traveling to Washington DC in order to advocate our representatives on behalf of the world's poor. Thanks to another charity we dig, Care International, we had a incredible experience. During the year, we also scoped out volunteer opportunities in Mexico and jumped on the Passport with Purpose bandwagon. We made Care our Charity of Choice for 2011 and are excited to head to DC for more advocating early in 2011.


2009 - Honoring our ability to live deliberately – doing exactly what we love – we officially integrated giving back into our business plan.  We enjoy donating our professional services to struggling individuals and like-minded organizations. Also, we selected Mercy Corps as our first "Charity of Choice" and began advocating for their incredible work via our business. Integration feels good and we admire the work that Mercy Corps does towards "alleviating suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities."


2009 - While on a return trip to South America (Argentina), we connected and did some work with Idealist, a fantastic non-profit that's all about helping others to "lead free and dignified lives." A perfect fit for us! We think Idealist is especially cool because they help to facilitate positive action on behalf of people / organizations that want to change the world.


2008 - On a road trip across the USA, we learned a lot more about the inequality and despair that exists right here in our own country.  Retracing some of the steps of the Civil Rights movement reminded us that the struggle is recent and ongoing.


2007/2008 - Inspired by our journey to Africa, we initiated a personal fundraising campaign to support the education of kids back in "our" community in Zambia. The money we raised (thanks to generous friends / family!) paid the school fees of over 100 kids.


2007/2008 - Forever changed by what we witnessed in Africa, we set out for South America where we had arranged a volunteer opportunity in a shantytown outside of Quito, Ecuador. This is where we got the best "education" of our lives.  The months we spent there provided a mind-blowing opportunity to dig into the reality of poverty and how to best  advocate for more equality in the world.


2007 - With the help of an incredible charity, Children International, we were able to learn about the reality of abject poverty by visiting one of the most poverty-stricken places on the planet, Zambia. At the same time, though, we were inspired (and ultimately changed forever) by the hope that exists amidst the most treacherous conditions you can imagine. Visiting the girl / family / community we support, we saw first hand what can happen when you provide support to bolster infrastructure.