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Our Backstory

Our Backstory

The full scoop.

In 2007 – after a traditional 2-week vacation where we ran the Paris Marathon and explored Europe – we made the decision to reengineer our lives. Upon returning home, we decided not to head back to “normal” jobs. We weren’t sure of a lot (not to mention what was next), but we knew that we were tired of letting cookie-cutter definitions of happiness and success get in the way of what really matters.

So, what did we do?

Having always had a hankering for travel and learning about the world, we decided to head to Africa in order to figure stuff out and to continue on our quest to make it to all 7 continents while not in wheel chairs. After that adventure, we would never look at things in the same way and were even more inspired to overhaul our life and experience the world. So, propelled by our time in Africa, we took off on our capstone journey to the final continents on our list, South America and Antarctica, where we spent several months exploring and volunteering.

In the process of achieving our goal of seeing all of the continents, we saw some mind-blowing places all around the world, learned a ton from the people we met along the way and figured out a lot of things, as hoped. But that meant we had to do something about it.

We were energized and ready to create our dream life.

More than anything, all of our experiences have served as a reminder that - across the globe - we’re all connected and that there are a lot of senseless inequities in the world. We've gotta watch out for one another. We're inspired to think freely and live deliberately by those who don't have the same luxury. We want to be a voice for them.

So, while we can, we want to do our part in making the world a little more hospitable for everyone while we also focus on getting the most out of life (and inspiring others to do the same). With our virtual business, we can be doing work we love, giving back, traveling AND making a living from anywhere.

Watch for an exciting new chapter as we celebrate 10 years of NVR in 2017.

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