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Stay (or Get) Woke

NVR 365

Stay (or Get) Woke

NVR Guys

We absolutely love being in Washington D.C. It's one destination – probably more than any other – that makes zero sense for us to enjoy as much as we do. 

After the Women's March on Washington, we tagged on a few extra days and stayed in our nation's capitol for some business meetings and whatever sightseeing we could squeeze in. Still flying high from the March and wandering around visiting landmarks associated with our country's history, we thought a lot about what it means to be an American. 

Us getting reflective? Shocking, I know. Ha ha.

Walking around, we talked a lot about a woman who couldn't keep herself from shaming us for how disgusting it was that Madonna said "fuck" on stage during the festivities associated with the march. Funnily, she thought she was buddying up to us as fellow Trump supporters (um, read the room lady) and changed her tune when we were all "yeah, no" to her assumption.

Anyhow, here's this woman all worked up into a lather because Madonna said "fuck" at a rally.

Meanwhile, she voted for a man that's a sexual predator.

Do the math on that.

It's the hypocrisy that surfaces during these turbulent times that really gets us. And while we try to be pretty measured in our beliefs, we're also part of the problem.

For example, we love Obama (I mean, come on, GAY MARRIAGE during his Presidency), so it's easy for us to gloss over the less flattering parts of his record. Similarly, we have a tough time with Trump, so it's really a walk in the park for us to despise every word he says.

Speaking of Obama, we had the chance to visit the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). Another appropriately timed nudge to remind us of the importance of staying woke. Here are some photos.

We've long thought that the best thing we can do is to stay above party beliefs. And, for the most part, we do. It's just that, obviously, most of our stands fall on the uber-progressive liberal side of the scale. In truth, though, a lot about politics – on both sides – bothers us. So we make a point of keeping our advocacy focused on the facts that apply to what we believe in and not on party lines.

This is really about staying woke to issues on an ongoing basis – not just when times are tough, as they are now. Doing so lessens the chance that hypocrisy will enter into our words and actions.

Join us in our attempt to stay enlightened by committing to:

Bring these discussions to the dinner table.

We're tired of people who have bought into the notion that politics, etc. should not be discussed in "polite conversation" with family and friends. If you believe in that, you're buying into a long-standing, systematic (and successful) attempt to keep people uneducated and uninvolved. If you tell us you vote how your church or union boss tells you to, we'll strangle you next time we see you.

Have the conversations. We promise that if you speak from your heart and keep your ears open, it won't be a fight.

Figure out what you believe in and fight for it.

If we hear from one more woman who can't relate to the women's movement because she's "got it made," we might go crazy. Because chances are, as a woman, you are making 18% - 21% less than men doing the same work. So we're happy that you're successful, but you're proceeding blindly.

Or here's another good one: "Was it weird being at a women's event as a man?" We can't even. When we were fighting for marriage equality, nothing made us happier than when heterosexual couples rallied on the streets with us.


It's about getting educated and standing for the principles that you believe in. Not because your, mom, or pastor, or boss told you to.

Our renewed commitment to get our advocacy house in order aligns perfectly with the beautifully edited life we are creating as we embark on NVR 2.0 in 2017.

Get #woke and engaged with us.