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NVR 365

Strengths Are Precise

NVR Guys

Here's how to keep things slim ---> First, it's about figuring out you and getting on purpose. Next, it's about going deeper into your strengths. Not piling on\

Why? Because strengths are precise.

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Stay (or Get) Woke

NVR Guys

It's about getting educated and standing for the principles that you believe in. Not because your, mom, or pastor, or boss told you to.

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What Happened at the Women's March in Washington D.C.

NVR Guys

Attending the Women's March on Washington coincided perfectly with the kickoff of this new phase of our NVR life – doing more of what we really want to be doing in life, being even more vocal about what we believe in, supporting the marginalized, etc.

Here's our take on a few things #WomensMarch:

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