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We take a very deliberate and reader-centric approach to partnerships. We look to build relationships that offer genuine value to our readers while providing our partners with meaningful exposure. We regularly have short-term partnerships (mostly within the travel arena) and are currently long-term ambassadors for a couple of major brands.

Have an idea that you think is right in our pocket? Please send off an e-mail; we'd love to hear what you have in mind.

Our take on media...

The web offers too few sites that don't bombard readers with random advertising/offers. Also, in today's world, it's a pleasure (and a rarity!) to find a website that presents content based on authentic interests without having to worry about behind-the-scenes business alliances that may skew the intention.

We don't view No Vacation Required as a cash register. We enjoy having this personal website primarily as a place to chronicle – in an unbiased manner – our journey and to inspire others. Because that is of paramount importance, we won't accept random media and advertising offers that may distort the site's feel and authenticity. We would be doing readers, and even sponsors, a disservice by providing content that isn't a strong fit and, therefore, smacks unnatural.

Regardless of the media we may provide, readers can be assured that the opinions expressed will always be our own and any media / sponsorship / payment will be clearly disclosed.