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Thoughts on maximizing every day. Click around the site and you'll uncover tips, ideas and some of the details of our path as we navigate our dream life.

Welcome! We're Kent and Caanan, fulfillment fanatics who jettisoned old-school notions of success and crafted a No Vacation Required way of living. This deferment-free zone is all about putting hopes, goals, and dreams into action every day.  

2017 is a special year around here! Why? Well, our No Vacation Required lifestyle turns 10 – TEN! – this year. Yep, we've been living this freedom-rich, on-purpose life for a decade, and it's transformed us in once unimaginable ways. This next phase (NVR 2.0) is laser focused on living a beautifully edited life based on what we've learned, mastering this lifestyle for ten years.

So click around! Visit NVR 365 to check out how we're making every day count. Have a peek at our About page for a bit more background and NVR Project for details on our larger mission. Finally, be sure to reach out to say hello on Twitter and/or Instagram.  

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