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Thoughts on maximizing every day. Click around the site and you'll uncover tips, ideas and some of the details of our path as we navigate our dream life.

We're Kent and Caanan, fulfillment fanatics who jettisoned old-school notions of success and crafted a "no vacation required" life. Why? Because happiness isn't something that should be deferred.

Now, we're living the freedom-rich, travel-centric, and world-bettering lifestyle we always wanted but had kept delaying for "later in life." This is where we share how we do it, and what we're doing as we navigate living on purpose. Check out our NVR Blog for inspiration / tools and NVR 365 to see what we're currently up to. Also, be sure to have a look at NVR Project, where we chronicle our larger mission. 

Our aim is to live fully now – every day. Our not-so-hidden agenda is to influence you to do the same.

Our No Vacation Required lifestyle turns 10 – TEN! – in 2017, so follow along as we turn the chapter on our first version of NVR-living and move fully into a new mode that's been three years in the making. We'll be documenting what comes after living an NVR 1.0 life (it gets even better!) and sharing inspirational profiles of other experts who have cracked the code. Have you mastered Living Deliberately? Traveling deliriously? Working virtually? All three? Get in touch!