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NVR Project

No Vacation Required is our platform for sharing our take on Everyday Fulfillment and boosting our mission to increase the number of fulfilled people in the world. It's all about pushing ourselves forward, ensuring that we live fully now, and modeling this lifestyle choice to others. 

In honor of all the people who live in corners of the world that are devoid of the opportunity we have in the developed world – choice, freedom, democracy – we really can't look at our fortunate existence any other way. We owe it to others who don't have the same opportunities to live as fully as we can and to fight to make the planet a bit more hospitable for everyone. That's what the NVR Project is all about – expanding opportunity.

Below, you can learn about what we're up to with the NVR Project in 2017. We hope you'll jump on board to help us out. 

2017 Charity of Choice (carried over from 2016)

We're thrilled to announce what we have cookin' here in 2017. We're leaning fully into Effective Altruism. Giving the shortest explanation possible, Effective Altruism is all about evaluating altruistic options and acting in a way that positively supports the greatest possible impact. A few entities rigorously evaluate potential Effective Altruism charities and throw their support and voice behind an ultra-select few that are able to meet the lofty bar of delivering the highest impact.

Oxfam is one of those charities, and we'll be supporting them in a way that aligns very well with who we are and what we believe in. This year (and beyond) we're doing something really cool. We'll be donating $1 for every single mile we move – walk, run, hike, you name it. Fun, huh! We love exercise and Oxfam is an organization that we have deep respect for. Double win!

***Our goal is to hit about 3000 miles during 2017***

End of Year UPDATE: 2101 miles tackled. We crossed 3000 miles on November 7th, landing on 3007 miles at the end of the day.

C'mon, help us out!

Go directly to Oxfam's website to make a donation you can feel confident about.

Consider giving to another Effective Altruism charity on this list.

Check out our past Charities of Choice (below). For instance, it's always a good time to support the ACLU.

In addition to our personal advocacy and giving commitment, we routinely route a portion of our consulting business's earnings to our yearly pick(s) for Charity of Choice and similar organizations. 

A look at the past few years...

2015 Charity of Choice

The ACLU exists because freedom can't protect itself, and we love that. As they say on their website... For nearly 100 years, the ACLU has been our nation’s guardian of liberty, working in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and the laws of the United States guarantee everyone in this country. We've been big fans of the ACLU for many years because the organization's goals align well with our mission to increase the number of fulfilled people in the world. We especially love that the ACLU strives to give all people equal footing and, in 2015, that they were at the forefront of the fight for marriage equality.

2014 Charities of Choice

Share Our Strength (also known as No Kid Hungry) is on a mission to end childhood hunger in America. They're all about connecting kids to effective hunger programs and educating families about proper nutrition. Kids with parents who care about food grow up to be adults who care about food.

Share our Strength is new to the portfolio of our top picks. We got to know them during 2013 via our work with the New York City Wine and Food Festival. We're impressed. Check 'em out!

CARE, under the the incredible leadership of Helene Gayle, provides those people most vulnerable to hunger, violence and disease the tools for sustainable change. With programs around the world, they place a majority of their attention on empowering women and girls. Smart strategy.

We now have what you could call a long-standing relationship with CARE. We have advocated alongside them in Washington DC, and we've been engaged in their Seattle-area advocacy.