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What We're Taking Away from 2013

NVR Guys

2013 was one of those high highs and low lows years for us. Oddly, though, it may have been our best yet because we probably grew more than ever as individuals and as a couple. Here are some things that are on our minds as we jump head first into the season of gratitude and contemplate what we're most thankful for in 2013.

1) Equality. We've long been part of the fight for equality of all kinds. Over the last few years, that fight has skewed heavily towards one that impacts us greatly – marriage equality. In 2013, we advocated in Washington D.C. and celebrated (the Supreme Court's decisions) in San Francisco.


2) Clarity. Back in January, we decided that "bold" was our word for the year. What a wise – and ultimately surprising – decision that would turn out to be. To honor the theme, we started the year out by adding more and more to our plates. Regrettably, it wasn't having the desired impact. It only took a couple months for us to learn that, in our case, "bold" meant less, not more. We actually scaled things back and became laser focused on those things that resonate deepest with our core values.


3) Opportunity.  Part of the reason adding more to our plates didn't feel right is because we have a pretty good mix of things happening in our world (why would we want to mess with that?). We can work from where ever we are, fueling our passion for travel and giving back. And now... all of that travel has opened up doors in the travel industry, providing us with unbelievable access to experiences that most people only dream of. 2013 was full of all kinds of travel treats, including going backstage at Le Reve at Wynn Las Vegas. The best part of our worldwide life? We have developed friendships with people across the globe. A lifelong dream fulfilled.


4) Nature. I know, I know. Here we go again. But, really, nothing energizes us like being in nature. In 2013 we hit the jackpot. In addition to revisiting our outdoor favorites, we got to check some more National Parks off of our wish list: Acadia, Yosemite and Sequoia.


5) Health.  Um, we aren't 25 anymore. But we both feel healthier that we did at 25. Can you believe that neither of us has had a major medical condition? We know that will change, so – for now – we are very grateful for having excellent health. We've recently decided to do another marathon.


6) Freedom. Yep, here's another topic we've gone off on before. But – back to marriage equality and our advocacy in D.C. – we feel really strongly about this one this year.  Our country has problems, for sure. But to be able to roam freely, enjoy choice, and to crusade for our beliefs is monumentally important and rare in the world we live in. That being the case, we'll continue to be a voice for the voiceless. It's the least we can do.


7) Kindness. This year, I think we're most thankful for kindness. It's so easy to remember the bad interactions, and the assholes we all encounter. During 2013, circumstances forced us to reflect on the kindness of so many people in our lives – both friends and strangers. Thanks to all of those strangers who helped us find our way (especially while traveling!) and to all of our friends and loved ones who made our days brighter without even knowing it.