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NVR Guys

Today was a dream day.  For a pretty intense travel day (and a journey that was sort of hurriedly finalized) , we ran into no glitches.  I don't know that we've ever been so lucky. I have to admit, though, that a lot of this luck has to do with sticking around the USA for the journey.  No passports and unfamiliar customs to deal with.  Very nice for a change. Convenience is good.

We were up at about 4:00 am to do a couple of hours work before taking off to the airport.  When we arrived, they were taking volunteers to bump off of the flight.  With intense head winds and the jet stream working against us, they wanted to get rid of weight in order make things a little more pleasant.  We were 2 of only 6 volunteers.  We were to get $800 in credit and guaranteed seats on a flight arriving only an hour later.  Score! We couldn't figure out why more people didn't go for it, but that's another story...

As it turned out, they opted not to off-load anyone.  They probably should have.  It was one of the worst flights we have ever been on, with the kind of turbulence induced drops that immediately silence the entire plane. The free mai tais towards the end of the flight were a welcome surprise after that.

We landed on Maui a few minutes late and were able to take a bus for the 30 mile (?) trip over to Lahaina - our jumping off point for the water shuttle to Lanai.  Taking the bus was risky and confusing to figure out, but it saved us a ton of money that we would have unnecessarily blown on a taxi.  Since we're on the road a lot, we have to be mindful of money and pick our battles carefully. The bus ride was very cool, too, because we got to see a lot of Maui. A mini excursion.

When we got to Lahaina - where we had been in November, interestingly enough - we remembered that someone had told us about a great Thai place called Aloha Thai.  They were right.  We order some pad Thai and were completely impressed with the results.  This is a place that we would have never taken a second look at. the point = don't blow off recommendations.

Our ferry ride over to Lanai turned out to be a highlight of the day.  First off, we couldn't believe that we were heading over to this nearly indecipherable island through the mist.  Even better, we saw countless whales during the entire 50 minute commute. No need to book a whale watching excursion.

So - because of our always on the road lifestyle - we don't usually splash out.  When we do, it has typically has to be because a great deal has come our way.  Just such a deal came our way, so we decided to jump on it and stay at the Four Seasons (plus, it's our ten year wedding anniversary).  Holy cow, do they ever know how to do things right.  We were met at the dock and taken up to our hotel where we spent two hours with our chins on the floor in awe of everything we were seeing.

As our internal clocks, on Seattle time, were saying "go to bed" we decided to take a quick walk into town to get some supplies before heading to bed.

We hit our pillows blissed out that we decided to come here rather than by heading back to Costa Rica to relive the events of 10 years ago.