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Disney Madness

No Vacation Required Podcast

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Disney Madness

NVR Guys

The long-term project that we have with Disney is one of the – if not the – most awesome project we've had since beginning to work in the travel space.


Well, this super-sized initiative falls in the NVR sweet spot in too many ways to mention in a post that is photo-centric.

(That is how you pivot.)

We promise – really promise – that details of this initiative will find their way into many future posts and podcasts because it's been that special to us. Right now, we're just in the middle of (awesome) craziness and (awesome) change, so we simply can't do the subject justice.

But since it's been such a big part of what's occupied our life lately, we wanted to throw up some pictures giving you a look at what went on during the last installment of Disney madness. Over the course of several days and across several ships (three!), we shot several videos and then we spent a few days at Walt Disney World, attending the press event that gave all of the details on upcoming changes taking place across their four parks.

Head here for a look at one of the completed videos and - as always - you can keep up with some of our travel tales on the Expedia Viewfinder blog.