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On Passion

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

On Passion

NVR Guys

It was summertime. 

We were in our happiest of happy places.

We were heading out for our favorite adventure of the year. The one that takes us deeper into nature than any other – a good chunk of time in Glacier National Park, followed by a bonus journey up to Banff / Lake Louise in Alberta. And if that's not enough, we capped it off with a swing through the place that we now call our part-time home: North Cascades National Park.

Toward the beginning of our adventure, we attended the GNP Conservancy's Backpacker's Ball.

An evening (in a gorgeous setting!) dedicated to good food and drinks with like-minded nature lovers. It's also a prime fundraising event for GNP. Browsing the silent auction items, we knew immediately what we wanted to bid on – this fantastic print depicting a GNP landscape. 

Actually, we didn't even bid. We simply paid the amount required to close down the bidding for it. 

Then, when we learned all about the person behind the print – Sarah Coyne – we were blown away by the story of her passion for a project that our little acquisition was part of.  We'll let you read it in her own words:

Cool, huh? We just knew that her work was calling out to us. That's how these things work.

As you know if you've clicked around here, we love people who have a fire for something. People who are in touch with their strengths and channel that knowledge into work that demonstrates their passion. 

We've been waiting until this year, The Centennial of the National Park Service, to share this story. During 2016, we'll be talking a lot about our passion for our country's National Park network. We wanted to kick things off by dedicating some words to Sarah's incredible project and passion. 

We talked about Sarah's project a lot during the remainder of that summertime adventure. We learned of her work at a time when we ourselves were considering bigger leaps than the big leaps we had already taken in life. 

Since that trip, we've put a lot of wheels in motion that have brought (and will bring) big amazing change to our lives. As globetrotting guys living a dream life, our world was great before. Now were just moving on to a new version of great.

Thanks, Sarah, for being a co-believer in embarking on big things. You inspired us in a big way!

1) Go check out Sarah's site.

2) #FindYourPark - this is the year!

3) Keep an eye on what we and our co-Viewfinders are up to over on Expedia. We'll all be embarking on National Park adventures that might just motivate you to do the same.