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Where We're Traveling in 2016

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Where We're Traveling in 2016

NVR Guys

We don't know a lot about where we'll be journeying to in 2016. That's not uncommon for us this early in the year. We do, however, have a solid idea of the kind of travel our year will include, so we'll share that.

1. National Parks, National Parks, National Parks. Did I say National Parks?

When two outdoors-y, National Parks lovers (ahem, is!) are faced with the Centennial celebration of the National Parks, well, one thing happens – lots of travel to National Parks.

2. Another big outdoors-y fix. Or two.

Here, too, no big surprise. In addition to hitting as many National Park as possible, we feel like it's time for another big outdoors-y moment. Probably in another country. This one'll be tough to pull together, but we've committed to anchoring a majority of our travel – even international travel – in a nature-centric endeavor. 

I think all of the "National Park's birthday" talk has us inspired to go big in the nature arena this year. Ooooh, and the fact that we now live part-time in the mountains. I almost forgot about that little slice of inspiration. 

3. City action. Yeah, a hard left.

We always crave city time nearly as much as we crave time in nature. Why is this significant this year? Well, because we have the urge. For example, we weren't in New Your City once last year. I think we were there three times in 2014. So, again in this category. We don't know exactly where, but cities will be on our agenda.

4. Other random stuff.

Of course, our job as travel writers will dictate a fair amount of the travel we take on. We're still buzzing from all of the LGBT-centric travel we did last year, so we need to regroup this year in trying to outdo that amazingness (is that a word?).

You can always check out more of our travel tales over on Expedia Viewfinder. Be sure, too, to check out Expedia's LGBT travel portal. We're proud to help the world's largest travel agency in supporting the path to full equality.

Let's all make 2016 a fantastic year of travel. Keep coming back to find out what we're up to.