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The Ultimate Opportunity – Embracing Big Change

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Ultimate Opportunity – Embracing Big Change

NVR Guys

We haven't been in this mode – big change mode – since we started this lifestyle several years ago.

It's made for a particularly nuts few months. It's exciting, and it's overwhelming. When your days are already full (er, packed), it's challenging to throw huge life changes into the mix.

As we continue the conversation surrounding success and opportunity, we want to talk about diving in wholeheartedly. 

Recently we said:

For starters, we're going to have two loves. In addition to living in Seattle, we're going to live somewhere a bit more remote – even closer to the nature we love so much. This is a big change, so it could happen in two months or two years. We have no idea if we'll buy another place or rent or, for that matter, where that "other place" might be. It'll probably be somewhere here in the Pacific Northwest. Whatever the case, we'll be in Seattle part time and there part time.

We did not expect things to progress so quickly.

Yes, we have already secured that second place to live.

First, a bit of context that we didn't share last time.

This (having a second home in nature) is something we've been throwing around for a long time. Many people who read that recent post were thrilled but surprised at what an "abrupt" decision we'd made. It wasn't a fast decision. Nothing explains this better than the first post we wrote in our little Success and a New Phase series.

We have a bias for change (remember, it's a huge part of the consulting work we do), but the "building up" to change usually start brewing while we have our heads down and remain focused on the here and now. We toss ideas out there and wait to see how they take shape.

Not surprisingly, everyone and their dog was immediately convinced that this second place would be in Montana. Good guess. Everyone knows how we feel about Montana. When this "second home" idea was still in the brewing phase, we checked out a few options there during our visits earlier this year.

Really, though, we knew pretty quickly that, ideally, this place would be here in the Pacific Northwest – a bit closer to home. Another location we love – the Methow Valley, near North Cascades National Park here in Washington – was also a top contender during our thinking phase. We even swung through there (on our way back from Canada this summer) to check out options.  Because this area is a true hidden gem, we learned that availability for any kind of place to live is severely restricted. 

While we were certainly discouraged about the lack of housing, it was no huge deal. Again, at that time, it was just an idea that we were letting bounce around and take its own shape.

And then, very recently as you know, we decided this little dream was a definite GO.

Not too long ago, we were going to really game plan this entire project – where to look, when to look, how to look, how to keep this all eco-friendly, list making, you name it. We decided to, first, do a quick, last search of the Methow Valley area before firmly securing that location in a spot significantly down our list. 

And wouldn't you know.... The perfect place – one place – randomly showed up, and we now have our second home in Washington's Methow Valley.


You don't think it was that easy do you?

Well, while it wasn't painful, it was a lot of work and time (in our already time-constrained lives).

Opportunity might be on your side, but it doesn't mean that shit just happens. We've sidestepped opportunities in the past few years because the timing hasn't been right. Now, the time is right, and we're doing what we need to in order to manifest the next version of our NVR world.

It's only just begun.

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