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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Traveling for Work

NVR Guys

We're moving on to the travel arm of our "Success and a New Phase" wrap up.

In a weird sort of way, we're not entirely moving on from the Work Virtually theme from last week. Since we started this life, travel has become a piece of the work part of our life. As travel writers and brand ambassadors, we get treated to dreamy travel experiences all around the world.

Even though we're often hosted, our zeal for travel is never diminished. We get excited about every room, every welcome gift, and every experience awaiting us in each destination. 

That we've kept our passion for mega-travel – this many years in – is a big deal. It's probably because we have a home base. Many perma-travelers burn out, lose their passion for travel, and then have nothing to write about. Secondarily, as exotic as it is to have travel paid for, this is a side-gig for us. Part of knowing yourself is committing to uncovering what you're meant to be doing. We know that our primary calling is our core business. Nothing ignites either of us like watching businesses and people flourish. We look at our work in the travel arena as getting paid to do our amazing hobby that we also love.

Because we still have an extreme fire for travel, we embark on a good portion of it on our own - un-hosted (yeah, our peers can't believe that we'll actually pay for our own travel!). We like it that way; we love spending our own money and making our own decisions as far was travel is concerned. Interestingly (and thankfully) it keeps us very attractive to partners in the travel arena. Destinations want to partner with people who have an authentic spark for travel; a spark that's unfettered by behind-the-scenes agreements and pay.

To people who want to see the world a good part of the time: We recommend saving up and taking a large chunk of time away from the world of work. Maybe plan something for between jobs. Alternatively, we recommend doing work you're meant to be doing (and work you love) and channeling it into a location-independent business. Read all about the tools for that in our last post.

To people who want to be travel bloggers: we say produce a lot of content that demonstrates your genuine passion for travel. After your blog has some legs, approach destinations about partnering on a small-scale basis. Then, as you get a reputation, partner more deeply. Do not start blogging and assume everything else will take care of itself. And, please, please, please do not assume you'll thrive off of your blog. Not because it can't happen but, rather, because you aren't likely meant to be spending your life living off of a blog. Although we know some rockstars who do it successfully, most simply find it to be the wrong pocket and end up moving on more lost than they were when they started.

What does all of this mean in terms of "Success and a New Phase." About the only thing you'll see is that we're going to travel a bit less. We mean it this time. We've been travelling a lot for about 8 years; we've been travel a *ton* for 3-4 of those. We're happy with the couple of big brand partnerships we have and with the little partnerships that also pepper our path. We can safely say that you can expect some shifts in our travel schedule in the next year or so, but for now, this aspect of our life is just shifting a pinch.

Our biggest change will be happening in the Live Deliberately arena, which we'll get into next week.

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