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Our Kind of Luxury Hotel

NVR Guys

Since we're on a "sharing the kinds of places we like to stay" kick, we figured we'd give you the 411 on another amazing property. This one, in Berlin, falls right in the luxury pocket that we like. You may remember that, last week, we shared that the "luxury travel writers" label isn't totally accurate.

This stellar property – Hotel am Steinplatz – explains why. While it's certainly in the luxury category, it's *not* overly fussy or sterile or uninteresting (as so many luxury properties tend to be).

You get the picture; we like our luxe with a bit of personality.

In the spirit of last week's post, we'll let a selection of pictures do the talking.

Our stay at Hotel am Steinplatz was part of the around-the-world LGBT tour we did this summer. We'll never forget it, and we thank Marriott International for hosting us and, even more importantly, for supporting the movement toward even greater equality in the world. If you haven't seen it already, be sure to pop by their Love Travels website.

You can read more about our visit to Berlin over on Expedia. In this post, you'll learn that we awarded Hotel am Steinplatz an Expedia Viewfinder Pick designation – a new program kicked off this year. Read all about it!

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