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Best of Banff: Storm Mountain Lodge

NVR Guys

Earlier this summer we got into a big conversation about what our ideal travel accommodation is. Someone had labeled us as "luxury" travel writers, and it irritated us. I mean, this person meant it as a huge compliment (and we took it that way), but the "luxury" label isn't entirely accurate.

Now, not that we don't skew heavily into luxury at times (we're not stupid, after all), but our preferences are far more varied than what might be revealed at first glance. Take, for instance, that we're camping and hiking fanatics, and that we had a "best ever" backcountry camping experience while in Glacier National Park earlier this month.

Similarly, when we made our way up to Banff National Park just after our visit to Glacier, we had another experience that was *right* in our pocket and, this too, wasn't "luxury" as commonly defined.

During our time in Banff, we were hosted by Storm Mountain Lodge, about midway between Banff townsite and Lake Louise. We felt right at home the moment our car hit the property. Here are a few things that make this yet another kind of accommodation experience that is right in our pocket.

Go to Storm Mountain Lodge's site to learn more.

And, if you want to learn more about our time in Banff (and, specifically, how to find solitude while there), have a peek at what we wrote over on Expedia.

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