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San Diego Pride

No Vacation Required Podcast

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San Diego Pride

NVR Guys

We've returned from the last LGBT Pride we'll hit this season. Single tear.

We were in San Diego, and boy was that a good way to end our season of Pride.  

San Diego is a darling of, well, pretty much every human on the planet. Oddly – even though we're travel writers – we had never spent a quality chunk of time in this Southern California jewel.  While we'd never live there (you know we need our mountains and dramatic weather), we totally "get" San Diego and the frenzied fascination surround it.

Here's a recap of what our visit was all about.


We'll be celebrating federal marriage equality for a long time to come. This year, the Pride events we've attended have been a perfect time for that bit of extra revelry. The weather was actually quite rainy while we were in San Diego, so we went day clubbing one day. Like, before lunch. People were celebrating. Hard.


Thankfully, part of our job as travel writers is diving into the food scene no matter where we are. California is always a place in which we love to do that because we have a crush on Mexican food. We hit so many restaurants in San Diego that we'd be embarrassed to do a tally.


We always say that "friends around the world" is a huge benefit of living on our own terms and traveling regularly. We spent time catching up and cooking out at sunset with friends who live in the San Diego area, and we have friends who also happened to be in San Diego at the same time. 


Yeah, that's right. California itself. It's a beautiful state no matter how you look at it. The fact that you can be in an incredible city one hour and then out in gorgeousness the next = remarkable.

We'll let you know when our San Diego LGBT guide is up on Expedia. For now, you can have a look at what we loved about Berlin.

A big thanks to our friends in the travel arena who partnered with us to make this run of travel one to remember. We never forget how fortunate we are to have strong bodies, healthy minds, and the ability to live exactly the life we want to! 

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