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LGBT Pride Month

NVR Guys

In April, about the time we went on an advocacy trip to Washington DC, we wrote a post about how spectacularly things were clicking in NVR-land. Since things are still, miraculously,  humming right along, we wanted to give you an update.

As revealed in that April post, we're doing a lot of LGBT-centric travel this quarter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know we've talked a lot about slowing down a touch. But, when it comes to anything forwarding a positive LGBT message, we'll usually jump on board if it makes sense.

In addition to that advocacy trip (fingers crossed for federal marriage equality!) to Washington DC, we just returned from a trip to Orlando. We were there to write an LGBT travel guide and thought we'd frame our visit around the city's cornerstone LGBT week.

We had loads of fun. We'll let our Instagram photos prove it to you.

A favorite photo from our #Orlando adventure! #mygaypride

A photo posted by NVRguys (@nvrguys) on

We have a couple more LGBT-themed trips in our near future. We're still in awe that we get to work with brands – in this case Expedia, Marriott, and Disney – to bring these initiatives to life.

For all the bitching and moaning we do in terms of a lack of progress in the equal rights arena, we do – from time to time – sit back and marvel at the progress society has made in bringing LGBT stories to the mainstream. We are proud to be living proof of that.

As a matter of fact, Huffington Post was happy to feature a tweaked version of an article we wrote last year on the topic of progress. Go check it out!

We were back from Orlando for a day and are already heading back to the southeast. This time for great food, great music, and great friends. 

As always, we are grateful for our health and ability to live this dream life. Thank you for following along!

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