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Festivals and Fun

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Festivals and Fun

NVR Guys

We're in the middle of a run of fun summertime festivals. And, wow, summer just started. I don't know if we'll last until September.

Let's recap...

A couple weeks ago, we were in Orlando in order to research an LGBT guide for that slice of the USA. As you know, our visit to Florida was framed by Gays Days and One Magical Weekend festivities. It was Disney like we had never before experienced it. One for the books.

Our Orlando LGBT guide is live on Expedia. We especially like this series of LGBT-oriented guides because we get to share our take on the destinations we cover. We have to remain mindful of what a typical Expedia customer is looking for, of course, but we don't have to report on places, things, events we have no interest in. Pretty perfect.

Backing up even further....

In April we went to Washington, DC in order to advocate for federal marriage equality. This week we should hear the ruling from SCOTUS. We're very hopeful that they'll report similarly good news to what was reported a few years back when DOMA was struck down. We were at San Francisco Pride when that announcement was made. The city was electric. Scratch that. The city was crazy. We feared being trampled. In a good way.

Two updates here...

1) Our Washington DC LGBT guide is also published and ready for viewing on Expedia.

2) Assuming the SCOTUS ruling comes this week, we'll be in our next destination to hear all about it. Berlin!

Yes, we're off to Berlin to enjoy our very first European Pride (and, shamefully, our very first visit to Berlin!). As busy as our world is right now, we're unbelievably excited to check this city off our list. It's a travel writer's darling, so we hope it lives up. Insert nervous smile. <----- I'm not kidding about that. Remember what happened when we reported that we didn't LOVE Prague. We feared being trampled. In a bad way.

Lastly, in our whirlwind of summertime festival updates, we have to pause for a moment to talk Bonnaroo. As an aside, we spelled it "Bonnoroo" for the longest time and, upon conducting searches, wondered why there was no social media surrounding the shenanigans. We found comfort in assuming that everyone was too high to be posting updates on social media. Silly us.

So, Bonnaroo....

We thought we'd kind of like it, and we were pretty sure that we would 1) not love it and 2) NEVER want to go back.

How wrong we were.

We had the luxury of 1) attending the 4-day festival with people we're very fond of and 2) staying in a house (with a fantastic bed and a shower) a short distance from the festivities.

So, yeah, we're biased.

We'll be writing all about it on Expedia (how to survive a festival!), but here are some photos to hold you over.

Read what Kristin and Scott had to say about Bonnaroo 2015 here, and check out the stellar Instagrams from Scott, Kristin, and Alex.

Did you see that Huffington Post featured an article we wrote last year on the topic of progress. Go check it out!

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