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5 things that make Maui so magical

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5 things that make Maui so magical

NVR Guys

There is a magical island that emerged from the core of earth 1.25 million years ago. Forged of molten rock and powerful geologic forces, the island now rests peacefully in warm ocean waters teeming with massive sea creatures. The cerulean sky above this land is decorated with prisms of light and shimmering golden rain showers.

This is a place of great contrasts; breezy beaches bathed in sun line the base of icy, wind swept mountain peaks. Clattering forests of bamboo flowing with waterfalls and enchanted pools give way to barren expanses of jagged back lava.

While it may sound like something of myth, this magical land is very real, and it is called Maui. Here are five things that we feel make The Magic Isle, well, magic.


Just off the island’s sun drenched southern coast, near heavenly white and grand pink palaces is Turtle Town. Kayak or canoe these shallow, aquamarine waters and you will see what appear to be boulders that come to life. These untouchable creatures need oxygen to live but spend almost their entire lives submerged.


Clouds that get caught up on the island’s towering volcanoes and emerge from the warm water surrounding the island get heavy with moisture and release a warm mist. The ever-present sun is fractured by this mist and paints the sky with long arcs of vibrant colors. 


Amidst the clouds is a rust-colored landscape dotted with shimmering Silver Sword flowers that look like velvety but spiny alien creatures. Mist rolls up over the walls of the blade-like edge of the caldera and envelopes the dormant crater in a nearly impenetrable cloak of fog. 

A shot from today's hike on #Maui - now off to the hot tub!

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In the winter, the waters off the coast of this magical island are full of gargantuan mammals that have traveled thousands and thousands of miles from the frigid polar north. Head out on a catamaran to experience these massive creatures, which weigh 79,000 lbs. on average but breach and slap the water as effortlessly as if they carried just a fraction of that mass.


Even if you’ve never been to the magic island, you have an extended family here. Island elders, known as Uncles and Aunties, weave tales of ancient times and pass along the tradecrafts of the island’s early inhabitants. Through the stories that they share and wisdom that they impart, they help you tune in to not just the island’s magic, but the magic that exists in each of us.

Speaking of family, we're currently enjoying Maui with our family of Expedia Viewfinder bloggers.  Follow the #PictureMaui hashtag on your social media platforms for inspiration and information on all things Maui, including our killer Instagram Sweepstakes and great deals from Expedia.