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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

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NVR Guys

We've been busy.

Busy for, like, two years straight.

We like "busy" because we're living our dream life, but we want to keep it at least a bit under control so that no one thing takes over. This weekend, some friends asked us what we loved most about our NVR life right now. We thought it was a great question. We want to share our responses with you, via what we share on Instagram.

1. Nature

The world is a much safer place when we get regular doses of the outdoors. It was a primary goal when we constructed this lifestyle. This year, more than any other year, we are off to a good start in this department.

2. Travel Surprises

Clearly, we love travel, but it can be tough at times. The little surprises that unfold when we're on the road are what propel our wanderlust. There are always new things to discover – even in destinations we've visited over and over.

There were #fireworks last night!

A photo posted by NVRguys (@nvrguys) on

3. Home

We're feeling very connected to Seattle and our 'hood. We find the feeling of being grounded and invested in home very satisfying.

4. Global Connections

While we're really leaning into loving/fostering our own city, we're emboldened to do so because we feel a connection with the world. We consider so many destinations "second homes," and we have friends scattered around the world.

The other night on Lanai at sunset! #sunset #hawaii

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5. Propelling Fulfillment

Nothing makes us happier than being fulfillment pushers. Nothing. This year is off to an especially satisfying start.

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