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Sultry and Alluring Buenos Aires

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Sultry and Alluring Buenos Aires

NVR Guys

Each Expedia Viewfinder was recently asked to write a sponsored post featuring a favorite hot or sexy or romantic destinations. Having wandered the streets of Paris and lazed about picture-perfect beaches in Hawaii, Bali, and Bora Bora, selecting a destination was actually quite a challenge. However, in the end, we both came to the same conclusion without too much hesitation: Buenos Aires (BsAs), Argentina.

According to the Expedia Romance report (coming out next week), only 5% of Americans believe “city” vacations are the most romantic. Well, we are pretty certain that the other 95% have never been to Buenos Aires. Here are three reasons why we believe Buenos Aires – a bustling, sprawling city appropriately referred to as Paris of the South America – is one of the world’s most romantic destinations.

Culture: Buenos Aires is a city of immigrants, many hailing from Italy, France, and Spain. The result is a country full of gorgeous people and a mélange of romance cultures, making BsAs an intensely warm and welcoming place. We fell in love with the unique mix of European romance and South American passion that is distinctly Buenos Aires.

Architecture: Mystery is sexy, and Buenos Aires feels very mysterious. Private courtyards tucked behind neoclassical facades and steamy tango salons hiding in the shadows of long corridors leave visitors with the impression that the city was built for trysts. We enjoyed meandering the city at night, hearing the music and laughter emanating from behind the stone walls.

Nightlife: During the day, the city is hot. Late at night, it’s downright sultry. This is the birthplace of tango, a dance so intimate that it can feel like a torrid romance on display. You can see tango being danced on the streets of San Telmo and La Boca in the heat of the day, but (very, very) late at night when the weather simmers, tango salons sizzle. One of our favorite memories of Buenos Aires was attending a LGBT tango salon – watching Porteños of all backgrounds come together in the tango's tight embrace.

Over the next couple of weeks, keep an eye on what the Expedia Viewfinder team is up to, as each outlet will be sharing a favorite steamy destination. Also, check out Expedia's killer Valentine's Day promotion and keep an eye on their Instagram feed for details on a sweepstakes in partnership with LAN Airlines (that could get you to Buenos Aires).

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