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Excellence is Sexy

NVR Guys

In honor of Valentine's week, we wanted to carve out a post dedicated to something that's very sexy – being good at what you do.

The other day, we were out at happy hour in the neighborhood. Our server (someone who we've come to know over the years) was talking about trying to do things differently this year. She told us about her plan to spend 2015 finding her groove. Feeling unfulfilled, she's ready, she said, to shed the habit of jumping from one meaningless thing to another.

If you've read other posts around here, you know that we're big believers in figuring yourself out. While we think it's life's greatest (and core) challenge, we also know it's the most positively life-altering decision you can make.

It's so gratifying when you detect that someone is doing exactly what they are meant to be doing. These people tend to radiate a distinct kind of joy – a hum. In turn, when you become one of these people, you create a reality where the good vibes return to you. The universe rewards you with success.

In the work we do for our consulting business, we help organizations/people find their groove. The "bumps in the road" that motivate these companies to reach out to us are often related to dissatisfaction in the workgroup. When you have a team full of people who don't want to be doing what they're doing, you run into problems.

Although – as we got into in a recent post – we sometimes partner with destinations as part of the travel writing we do, our favorite travel is when we are anonymous. When we're not hosted and/or getting special treatment, we can see what a hotel or restaurant or activity is really made of.

In that recent post, we provided some details surrounding a dissatisfying experience we had at a hotel when, initially, the property didn't know we were travel writers. Well, today, we want to tell you about an exceptional experience that we've been excited to share.

Due to an unfortunate turn of events we had to abort our end-of-2014 South America adventure early. Unexpectedly home for the holidays, we decided to jet down to Las Vegas to hang out with friends and family. Because we made last minute arrangements, we couldn't stay at our main squeeze, Wynn / Encore. On the sunny side, it was the perfect opportunity to give a try to a place we've been wanted to stay for years, The Cosmopolitan.


Blinded by our love for Wynn / Encore, we were actually dreading veering away from our old stand by. Well, are we ever glad we did. Our stay at The Cosmopolitan was exceptional.

We went as our non-travel-writer selves so received no special treatment other than that associated with the fact that we're Platinum-level Marriott Rewards members (The Cosmopolitan is part of Marriott's Autograph Collection.).

We could go on and on, but I'll just point out a couple of highlights of our stellar stay.

  • Whenever we needed help finding something, the person we'd randomly ask for help always offered to walk us to our destination.
  • When we arrived in our room and unpacked, we found a broken bathtub and a broken toilet. We dreaded reporting it because we didn't want to change rooms and, frankly, just didn't want to have to address it at all. Amazingly, both problems were fixed within 2 hours (as promised). Additionally, that evening, they sent us a gift and a card for the inconvenience.

We interacted with the right people at the right time at The Cosmopolitan. We definitely felt the "hum" of their excellence at work. It doesn't happen often; it's so refreshing when it does.

Are you doing work you love – work that leverages your natural strengths and talents? Are you feeling "on purpose" in your personal life?

Find what makes you hum in 2015. That's sexy!

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