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The Sweet Spot

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Sweet Spot

NVR Guys

A primary goal of ours is to live a freedom rich, fulfilled life.

Our days, weeks, months seem to be a constant process of creating a life-map that honors the perfect intersection of opportunity and desire – the sweet spot.

The more you operate / live in your "pocket," the more good stuff life puts in your path. That's one of the chief benefits (we're always touting) that comes when you get "on purpose." Your world becomes opportunity on steroids.

Last month, we had the chance to help some Seattle friends who operate a food booth at the Alaska State Fair every year. We met these guys on a plane well over a year ago, and made the plan to help them at the fair on the day we met. How's that for jumping on things?

Knowing we'd be heading to Alaska, we added in plenty of time to immerse ourselves in nature. It was the perfect opportunity to get back to Denali National Park.  Plus, with the National Park Centennial fast-approaching, we want to hit as many as we can in the coming year. Oh, and wait until you see the NP movie that Expedia is sponsoring and the exciting content that the Viewfinder team will be creating around that milestone.

Then it was time to head down to the fair to make donuts with our friends.

When we get this opportunity/desire life-mix just right, things couldn't be better. At times, though, we can jump on a bit too much opportunity, making things get overwhelming.

There are much worse problems to have.

As we work to switch-up our life mix, our desires and what we consider opportunities will shift. We welcome the recalibration, as it's important to keep things fresh and moving forward. The key is continuing to live a life that cultivates that kinds of opportunities that match our desires.

Are you curating a similar kind of life?

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