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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Cure for a Crappy Mood

NVR Guys

The other day we were over our heads in house projects. We’re trying to finish a lot of them up before we get back into an intense travel schedule. Stressed out, we decided to zip out for lunch at our favorite neighborhood bakery / cafe. Waiting in the long line, I could feel myself starting to twitch over my anxiety about everything we had to complete. As we neared the register to order, I made a big effort to calm myself the hell down. I even challenged myself to smile so as not to disrupt the person helping us with my shitty mood.

Despite what was going on internally, I smiled like I hadn’t in a long time. 

Get this. The person helping us commented on our "friendly energy" and gave us free dessert. How cool is that!

Even though I was raging inside, there really was something to smiling and not being a jerk externally. Even more interesting, I actually felt the smile begin to turn my awful mood around. 

Live each day with purpose and smile at others. –Ryan Lyons

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