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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

So 15 Minutes Ago

NVR Guys

Even though being car free is such a long-ago decision for us, we still get quizzical looks when we share that fact with people.

The decision to be carless was, originally, motivated by our only being in Seattle part time. Smart, right? We do a lot of damage to the environment with all of our air travel, etc., so we have a deal with ourselves to remain mindful of off-setting that. 

But, even so, we live in a major metropolitan area with relatively simple access to everything we need. It’s probably a wise decision whether or not we’re industrial strength travelers.

When we need a car, we rent one. it’s surprisingly inexpensive and convenient.

Think about whether or not being car free might work for you. Or maybe you can commit to not driving one day a week. or maybe you can always commit to walking to the coffee shop or the gym or the grocery store.

Walk whenever you can. –Coco Bell

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