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Visiting Molokai

NVR Guys

You go to Molokai for a different tropical experience. We've already established that.

With no luxury resorts to choose from, you're left with limited options. It's kind of refreshing. During our hosted visit, we stayed in a condominium toward Halawa Valley and at Hotel Molokai, the island's primary accommodation option.

Our timing turned out to be ideal for two guys who appreciate a good "sneak peek" at something. Not long ago, Hotel Molokai announced the restaurant that will replace the one that was destroyed by a fire a few years back. It's called Tante's. From their press release:

The partnership with local Chef Tante Urban will create a truly authentic Hawaiian experience for guests and locals who wish to sample local cuisine with breathtaking oceanfront views. The restaurant will use locally-sourced foods when possible such as; fresh tropical fruits, organic island vegetables and of course, lots of fresh fish caught right in the Hawaiian waters. 

Just prior to hopping on our little plane for Molokai, we got to sample some of Tante's creations over on Maui. While we appreciated the uncomplicated food with a local flair and the wallet-friendly prices, it's the service that stood out. 

Over on Molokai, Tante himself gave us a look at what customers can expect when the restaurant opens in late 2014. We tasted fries, calamari, and this delicious breaded fish with a wasabi dipping sauce.

Tante, a warm, friendly man, is working to ensure that everything is just right when the doors open.

Molokai does offer plenty of other options for an informal, tasty meal. Some of our favorites were: Molokai Pizza Cafe, Kanemitsu Bakery, and Mana'e Goods and Grinds. Our favorite, though, was Coffees of Hawaii. We dropped by nearly every day – at least for a cup of java. Cuz that's what Seattle guys do.