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Pride 2014

No Vacation Required Podcast

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Pride 2014

NVR Guys

Our current visit to Vancouver has us (randomly) here during their yearly LGBT Pride celebration.  Strangely, Vancouver is one of our very favorite cities in the world, yet we've never been up here to enjoy Pride festivities. Shame on us.

All weekend, we've had reminder after reminder regarding how far ahead Canada is in terms of openness. There's an ease and an acceptance that's palpable – noticably ahead of our very own (and, yes, fairly progressive) United States. 

Two more things...

–Uganda's Anti-Homosexulaity Act was struck down last week. We wrote a bit about this last week so wanted to quickly follow up with this brighter news.

–This is a total aside, having nothing to do with Pride or LGBT stuff, but has to be said. People in Canada are so friendly. One thing we get asked about a lot is where we, as power travelers, run across friendly people. We always forget to put Canada on the list. People have gone out of their way to chat with us and offer suggestions. It's almost been bizarre.