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Oh Vancouver

NVR Guys

Vancouver is the first place we traveled when we were dating.

How exciting! How terrifying! How nerve-wracking!

From Instagram:

Time for a trip down memory lane. Back when we were dating, Vancouver was our first ever trip together. We stayed here at the Hotel Vancouver. Our current hotel room across the street enjoys this view of Hotel Vancouver. We LOVE the memories of our first travel together, so it's been fun to have this view during our current visit.

That little blurb on social media did not tell the whole story....

I was just getting over the flu but insisted that we still go. You know, who wants to change a long awaited first travel date. Well, I wasn't quite at the end of the flu. I gave it to Caanan who was then sick nearly the entire time. Talk about being a trooper and wanting to make our first travel experience work. He still wanted to go check out everything.

It was a nightmare at the time. Can you imagine being *ugly* sick the first time you travel with the one you really want things to work out with.

It makes me sick just thinking about it.

Thankfully, many years later, we can look back with super fond memories.

So, yea, Vancouver is incredibly special to us. And this is a good time to point out (again!) that we like a majority of our travel experiences to be dictated by us. As established players in the travel space, it's not tough to get a room or even an entire journey hosted. We keep our zeal for travel alive by still doing most of it on our own – anonymously.

In the spirit of the "everyday experiments" here on NVR 365, I have to say that – as nearly full time travelers – it takes a daily shot of mindfulness to keep our objectivity in check. We don't want to be travel writers who are bought and paid for. So, handling most travel on our own allows us to have unbiased experiences and to better bring that same spirit when we're not paying the bill.

We don't often have the real estate to write about every detail of our travel, but we wanted to be sure to mention the Hyatt Regency up in Vancouver. They handled something really well, and it's worth a shout out.

One night, our neighbors were partying. We called down, and they dealt with it seriously and swiftly. When we checked out, the manager came out and offered a genuine apology for the situation. We travel a lot, and have never had that happened.

I think perfect objectivity is an unrealistic goal; fairness, however, is not. –Michael Pollan

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