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Late 2014 State of Things

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Late 2014 State of Things

NVR Guys

Note: October update below.

We can be hard to catch up with.

In fact, our no vacation required lifestyle can, at times, move so quickly that we can barely keep up with ourselves

Interestingly, that's why – several years ago – we started a website in the first place. When we set out to change our lives, we wanted a place to chronicle what we were doing. As we recently said over on Expedia. We also wanted a place for our family and friends to be able to keep up with us. At that point, we didn't really know what was in store for us. We only knew that we were going to use travel as a means of clearing our heads and determining next steps. Clearly, we needed a place for loved ones to know what the hell was going on as we sojourned to destinations around the world.

The website has changed a lot over the years.

It's seen three (four?) name changes.

It's crashed (and I mean "fallen apart" crashed) twice.

It's had about eight different looks.

Through all of that, one thing has always been true. It's been the most-accurate-out-there representation of us... our lives... our journey. I don't even think our personal journals tell as complete of a story.

Since those early years, when we were rejiggering our lives and hoping that everything would work out, the universe has stepped in with abundance beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

We've gone from all the nerves and crazy energy of starting and fighting to build a business, to being sought after Business and Career Strategists. 

We've gone from traveling as a hobby, to traveling as guests of destinations worldwide.

We've gone from somewhat traditional lives, to lives that are anything but traditional.

Amidst all of these life changes, this space, No Vacation Required, as been a steadfast passion project of ours. At times, it's received loads of our attention while, during other patches, it's been our project-in-waiting. As we've said a million times: 

Our first priority is living this no vacation required life not merely talking about it.

So, lots of attention or not, this space has always been waiting around for us to chronicle what we're up to and what's coming up next.

Around Seattle for a (rare!) solid chunk of time, we've had the chance to make some larger, long-awaited shifts here on the site. Things we've been wanting/needing to do as part of the site's next evolution. And the shifts aren't done yet, they're only beginning to lay the site's foundation for exciting things to come – a manifesto (not sure if we like that word) and potentially two books.

Big stuff! We just don't want what's to come to distract us from our priorities.

No matter what, you can expect us to be true to the life we've now attained - the one we were dreaming about all of those years ago when we first published a website. For us, it's all about producing jaw-dropping work for our consulting clients, exploring the world (near and far) with a vengeance, and living with intention all along the way. 

This is where we'll continue to document all that working, living, and traveling – now via thoughts on our version of living a maximized, fulfilled life. Why? Because we want others to have the same fulfillment, and – more than anything – we want the world to be a better place for everyone.

That doesn't happen all at once; it happens one person at a time, with each of us telling our story.

No Vacation Required is ours.

Please excuse any lack of posts, error messages, and other clunky stuff over the coming period while we get the latest shifts all fine-tuned.


We're wrapping up plans for a lot of travel at the end of the year. As we prepare to head out, the site is mostly where we want it to be, but you'll be seeing some more shifts over the coming weeks and months. Long story short, we'll be bringing the focus of the content to where we are in our lives right now. If you think creating this NVR life was a big deal for us, wait until you see what we're up to now. Going forward, the site's content will better reflect that.

We're most excited to announce that our non-Manifesto (referenced above) is *this* close to being a reality. Don't freak; it's going to be a super short, super straightforward breakdown of how we created this life and how you can to. We're particularly excited about the fact that it also leverages years and years of our professional experience helping individuals and businesses to thrive.

This is l o n g overdue, as it addresses the question we're most often asked, and because we've (personally) begun to move on to the next phase in our NVR life. Yea, it's about time we got the roadmap to the last phase documented before we move on to the next. This is what we mean by getting the site caught up to where we are now!

Watch out! 2015 is going to be a big year in our world.