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Kayaking Molokai

No Vacation Required Podcast

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Kayaking Molokai

NVR Guys

There's a lot to do on Molokai, especially if, like us, you enjoy being active.

We've already told you how much we loved our yoga session. While on our hosted visit, we also had the chance to do one of our very favorite activities no mater the location – kayaking. We joined up with Clare from Molokai Outdoors for our sea kayaking adventure. Although, living in Seattle, we're used to kayaking on (sometimes) rough ocean water, we had some nerves. The ocean is powerful; a kayak is tiny.

We were put at ease immediately. Clare and her team are friendly, informative, and they take safety seriously.

With the longest continuos fringed reef in the USA, this area is ideal for kayaking. We saw turtles, manta rays, and all sorts of life in the water below.