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Hiking Molokai

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Hiking Molokai

NVR Guys

As hiking fanatics, we can't talk about our visit to Molokai without mentioning trekking around.

While it's not the easiest place to hike, Molokai offers spectacular options for people who want to hit the trails. The Maui County Visitors Bureau hosted us for two such adventures. 

irst, be sure to check out the Hawaiian Learning Center. Inquire about their excursion that allows you to learn about the rich history of the region and then take a hosted hike into the verdant Halawa Valley. You'll see rock walls, historic worship sites, and end at Mo’oula falls for lunch and a swim.

Next, don't miss a hike down to the village of Kalaupapa. In addition to a scenic hike (picture above), you'll also get a history lesson. Kalaupapa is the part of Molokai closely associated with those suffering from (widely misunderstood) Hansen's disease. Take some time to learn more about this slice of the island and your options for visiting it. While you can opt for a mule ride down (and back up!), we recommend that you enjoy the 3-mile trail (each way) and 26 switchbacks on foot. The dramatic sea cliffs, active surf, and picturesque rock formations make it worth it.

And then you can reward yourself with a well deserved mai tai once you return.