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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Early Planning

NVR Guys

We tend to get an early start when it comes to strategizing and planning for the year ahead. 

This year, we've started even earlier because we want to make some big changes late in the year and early in 2015.

One of our "issues" lately is letting work dominate our lives. Yes, it's true... one of the big things that led us to this life is, once again, a huge player in what our day-to-day looks like.

Here's the difference...  While we both enjoyed our professional careers pre-NVR, the work we do now doesn't feel like work at all. Just as it should be. However, the work we do – helping people and organizations to maximize their potential – can take a lot of mental energy, so it really is important that we keep it contained.

Today, we're invoking our re-commitment to flexibility and making the executive decision that it's a planning day. We're heading out for a day of batting around ideas and dreaming about our future.

A great experiment, for sure.

We have the power to create our schedule and are going to use it!

Work to build a life with days filled with exactly what you want. –Jill Hayes

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