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Costa Brava: What We Did

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Costa Brava: What We Did

NVR Guys

The Costa Brava fun continues!

Yesterday on Expedia Viewfinder, we detailed the activities that framed our adventure in that remarkable slice of Spain. We climbed mountains, took tiny planes up in the air, enjoyed a hot air balloon ride, sailed on a gorgeous day. Ah, the list goes on.

Be sure to check out the details. Here's a little snippet:

Costa Brava is located in a geographically varied part of the world—an area with both mountains and ocean—so we made sure our activities allowed us to really explore the region. We sought out experiences that were exciting and regionally relevant; experiences that enabled us to take in the very best Costa Brava has to offer. With almost two weeks with which to play, we concluded that our itinerary could include five or six cornerstone adventures.

Also, have a look at the big video from our Storybook Adventure in Costa Brava.