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Workplace Discrimination

NVR Guys

One of our key personal goals in the work we do is to bolster workplaces that embrace diversity. It's amazing how much more successful diverse workgroups are.

When we wrote about our fight for marriage equality a couple of years ago, readers were shocked to learn that many states offer no employment protection for LGBT employees.

From the Human Rights Campaign website:

There is no federal law that consistently protects LGBT individuals from employment discrimination; there are no state laws in 29 states that explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, and in 32 states that do so based on gender identity.  As a result, LGBT people face serious discrimination in employment, including being fired, being denied a promotion and experiencing harassment on the job.

Recently, President Obama signed an executive order barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity among federal contractors. It's unbelievable that we (as a country) entertain the notion of allowing religious organizations to be exempt from such orders.

Actually, it's even more astonishing that Congress won't pass a broader workplace nondiscrimination law.

Why is this okay?

Help us to make it NOT okay. Support businesses that have a high Corporate Equality Index rating.