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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Not Changing

NVR Guys

Inspired by a post about a speaking gig on change (for work), we wanted to give some real estate to the other top factors that keep people "stuck" – in life and in the workplace.


Many people stick with what they are doing because they think it's as good as it's going to get. After investing several years in a career/job, it can seem overwhelming to branch out. Although not fulfilled, many people stay put because it's comfortable and there's a sense of security. 

Is complacency holding you back in any areas of your life? 

Living someone else's dream.

Many people stick with what they are doing because a parent said it was a good idea, or they were told they'd make a lot of money, or because there's an element of prestige attached to it.

If you're not "on purpose" in life, you'll always feel a sense of disconnection.

Whose "best life" are you living? 

Feeling unworthy.

People often get blocked by the reality that they might not have the education, the experience, the trajectory (the whatever!) of their peers, or friends, or family members. This is the classic "you're not good enough" tape that can play itself over and over in your head.

Facing the low self esteem that's attached to that mindset is daunting.

Do you feel "less than" in any area of your life?


The promotion you got overlooked for. The rage you have for your company. The torment you carry because "your situation" keeps you from having a better life / job / career.

Our stories can hold us back.

What negative mindsets do you have to release in order to move forward?