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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

Returning from a recent off-social-media business trip, we arrived at the airport significantly early so, after getting through security, took the tram from our concourse to a neighboring one in order to hit the American Express Centurion Lounge (complimentary with the Platinum or Centurion cards!).

After spending a couple of chilled out hours working in the lounge, we made our way back to the tram and our concourse about 30 minutes before take off. Rather than then heading up to our gate in the concourse, we mindlessly walked through the wrong door, exited the concourse, and ended up at baggage claim.

We panicked. Naturally.

Then, we ran. Naturally.

Security lines can be brutal, but, thankfully, things were in pretty good shape when we got in line for the second time. it also didn’t hurt that we have Global Entry / TSA Pre Check.

Even so, our monkey minds wanted us to freak the hell out. It was such an exercise to take a “I can’t control this situation” mindset. Oddly, there was a guy in full-on freaked mode trying to get to the front of the security line.

“My flight is boarding,” he kept saying to people.

Our flight ended up being delayed about 20 minutes, so we were fine. 

The freaked out guy was on our flight.

You can’t control everything. Act accordingly.

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