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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Lives Lost

NVR Guys

The missile destruction of Malaysia Air flight 17 is sticking with us quite a bit because of who was on board.

According to records, about 100 of the passengers were on their way to the 20th International AIDS conference in Australia – advocates, top researchers, etc. Even one of the masterminds behind the HIV test was on that plane.

In this age of celebrity obsession, it's easy to forget that every day, everyday people die. This particular flight held 100 people rallying to fight a cause we're passionate about. It was also transporting about 200 other people who had passions and dreams of their own.

Real people. Leaving behind people who love them.

This was a reminder to us that no life is more important than another.

And a reminder that the shit going on out in the world is out of control. A missile shot down a plane, people.

When do we get mad? When do we start asking questions? When do we take a stand?

Join with us in our effort to make the world a better place.