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Healthy Trends

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Healthy Trends

NVR Guys

It's great when you arrive at a hotel that is taking steps to support fitness and – at the same time – lessen road congestion.

We've talked before about how we like a good hotel fitness center and a hotel that provides solid ideas and maps for area runs.

During our last visit to New York City, we learned that our hotel (Hyatt Union Square) was offering bikes for guests to use. They were a popular amenity, so we didn't get the chance to hop on ourselves.

We're finding, more and more, that it's the little things like this that are making the difference for us. It's appealing when a hotel is in touch with it's guests' needs and trying to be a better citizen of the community.

Plus, it's expensive to stay in hotels these days. Why not expect that the one you select is raising the bar a bit.

Now, if they'd only quit charging for WiFi.