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For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Courage Is Tough

NVR Guys

The other day we were on the bus. A big, "tough" guy was waiting at a busy stop and – after banging his fist on the outside of the bus – got on, went to the back, and started slamming windows shut and pounding on the wall.

You never know what's going on with people (mental illness, etc.), so we usually won't say anything in situations like this.

In this case, though, the guy was out of control, and he was making a bus full of people nervous and uncomfortable.

So, despite his aggression and appearance, we both said something to him.

He lost his shit.

He started shouting at us, he tried to get us to fight, he started filming us on his phone. 

It was awful.

But... at least he was addressing his anger toward us – not toward the bus or others.

Sheesh, the things that swirled through our minds – is he going to come for us on a closed bus, will he follow us when we get off, etc.

We made it off safely but unusually shook up. 

This is only a small example of speaking up, and it was scary.