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The City That Never Sleeps

NVR Guys

As much as we love NYC, it can be tough on us.

This visit, in particular has us both exhilarated and exhausted. While NYC is one of our favorite places to visit, it's also one where – whenever we visit – we find ourselves racing pretty much nonstop. This particular visit, while anchored in a business meeting for our mainstay consulting business, involved a lot of activities – a charity event, a few meet-ups, a writing assignment, etc.

We're nature lovers. In the hustle and bustle of NYC, we find ourselves missing Seattle. Although we're mountain guys, we also love Seattle's access to beautiful, open waterways. 

For us, NYC can feel a bit suffocating. Whenever we're there, we make it a point to do what we need to do to stay recharged. Despite our crazy schedule over the last week, we routinely took time to work out and to inject some calm into our experience.

Runs along the river were helpful, as were rest breaks in the city's killer parks.

Knowing what you need (and planning for it) can make all of the difference between an enjoyable journey and a miserable one.

Now, excuse us while we sleep for 2 days.

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