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Uber Was a Nightmare

NVR Guys

During our most recent trip to Manhattan – because we were arriving / leaving at mass-transit unfriendly hours – we decided to try out car services for the first time. Yes, for the very first time.

Let's get the ugly out of the way right away: Uber.

We used Uber from Manhattan to the EWR area. Our driver claimed his mapping service was working. Then, when we were almost there, he played "dazed and confused," asked us how to get where we were going. He even got mad at us for getting lost. 

It was a mess. 

In the service-recovery department, Uber rocked it. We submitted a quick claim via the web, and our amount due was quickly adjusted to reflect the six extra miles our driver drove. We also got a nice e-mail. 

In really good news, Blacklane invited us to try their service (their treat!). We tried them out for our late night ride from EWR to our hotel.

While the ride and service met our expectations, it's their system that really impressed us. Pre-pick-up, we got regular text updates from our driver, and payment, etc. was easy and efficient.

We'll definitely try Blacklane again, and we'll even give Uber another shot based on their exceptional service recovery.