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The Hiking Begins

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

The Hiking Begins

NVR Guys

Already day four on our hosted trip to Glacier Country. Time is zooming by.

After last evening's killer meal, we woke up a bit sluggish. What did we do? We ate again, of course. Don't worry, we then went for a nice little hike on The Whitefish Trail. We loved it and especially loved hearing about what they have in store for the area. We'll be back.

After lunch back at the hotel (overlooking the lake), the two of us went into downtown Whitefish for a closer look. We spent a lot of time walking the streets and getting our web on at a couple of the local coffee joints. The rest of the #MT6Pack joined us a bit later after they had the chance to bliss out on fancy schmancy spa treatments.

No, we're not jealous at all.

After sneaking an ice cream cone into our itinerary (yes, more huckleberry), we checked in at our next hotel, Meadow Lake Resort just down the road in Columbia Falls. How we never knew this place was there is a mystery to me. With upscale hotel rooms, a quality fitness room, and a huge hot tub, we were sold the minute we arrived.

It's a good thing we left, though, or we would not have been able to experience dinner at Three Forks Grille. We all felt like we had gone to grandma's house for a kick ass, homestyle meal. If you go, we recommend the veggie polenta. It'll leave you well prepared for an active visit to Glacier NP, which is exactly what we needed for what was coming next.

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