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Service Recovery

NVR Guys

We’re big fans of Alaska Airlines. Check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds if you want proof.

People are regularly asking us how Alaska differs from other shitty airlines. As in, “Are they that much different than Delta?”

We recently had an experience that explains how Alaska has raised the bar.

All airlines seem to have an unusual number of mix ups – some within their control, many (like weather) outside of their control. In May, a flight reservation on Alaska was screwy and they ended up removing us from the confirmed flight manifest and putting us on the standby list. We found this out when we arrived at the airport. Somehow, in a very short window of time, Alaska was able to not only fix the error but also apply our elite level benefits to the reservation. 

We’ve had similar experiences on other airlines, particularly Delta, and they simply have not been able to recover as swiftly as Alaska always manages to. As global travelers, Alaska may not  seem like the smartest choice on paper. However, they’re the wisest choice.  Their excellent customer service along with their generous mileage plan are compelling reasons to give them a close look.

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