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Metro Maniacs

NVR Guys

In the heat of pre-travel stress, one of us will often say to the other, “Should we just take a taxi to the airport tomorrow?”

It’s the other person’s job to serve as a nerve-calmer. As I write this, we’re on the Link metro train from downtown Seattle to the airport. We paid $2.75 for this jaunt and are enjoying a stress-free ride with the ability to work. It doesn’t take much longer than a taxi. Heck, it might even be faster.

Since becoming car-free, we try to take public transportation as much as possible. Actually, if we can walk, that’s our preferred mode of getting around. Here on the train, I see all kinds of people, alone in their cars, stuck in rush-hour traffic.

It seems so stupid in most cases.

I wish I would have thought that a lot sooner.

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