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Meet Me in Montana

No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.

Meet Me in Montana

NVR Guys

We've had a crazy run of travel, and the reporting out about it is going to get a little more all-over-the-board – Hawaii, NYC, Spain, Hawaii, Montana, NYC.

To kick off July and the 4th – and the heart of road trip season – we want to give a little extra real estate to our visit to Montana. You know, because it's our favorite place in the world and all. Well, at least Glacier National Park is (and c'mon, Montana ain't so shabby either).

So, this coming-up week, in the spirit of all things outdoors and summertime, we're going to run you through the highlights of that visit.

We were there for a couple of weeks; the first of which was a press trip – hosted by Glacier Country Montana  – that was, oh... about two years in the making.

Day one:

We arrived in Missoula and were immediately struck by 1) how damn charming it is and 2) how hot the residents are. Both of those facts motivated us to take in as much of the city as possible.

We had to maximize our intake of charming and hot. No joke.

We jumped right into the media blitz by taking a biking tour of the downtown core. We were on a jumbo bike manned by the people at Thirst Gear. We stopped at a few hot spots during our peddle. None was hotter than one of our favorite ice cream joints, Big Dipper. Go. order anything. You'll be thrilled. Order something with a hard shell, and you'll be extra thrilled.

Before crashing at the ideally located Holiday Inn, we had dinner at Scotty's Table. This drool-worthy restaurant is located on the first level of the historic Wilma Theater. Local is the name of the game here. We think you're safe ordering, again, anything on the menu, but if Spaghetti Bolognese makes an appearance during your visit, order it without considering anything else.

Don't worry. We'll be posting plenty about our visit to Montana with the peeps behind Vagabond 3The Traveling Philosopher, and Camels and Chocolate.

See our Instagram feed for more pictures from this (and other) adventures.

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