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Dear Missoula, We Have a Major Crush on You.

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Dear Missoula, We Have a Major Crush on You.

NVR Guys

After a fun arrival day in Missoula, our hosted media trip continued early the next morning.

The entire media team – all five of us – got up early to get our hike on. The two of us chose to run up Mount Sentinel for a full view of the city.

We loved the view, broke no ankles, and were 100% ready for chow.

Catalyst was a fun, funky, delicious brunch spot. We say order a club sandwich. Full disclosure: I usually say order a club sandwich. Don't forget to chug their delicious coffee. Fueled up, we roamed around the area, taking in Missoula's farmers markets (yes, marketS), and the People's Market. A few of us bought more than we should have. That's all we're saying about that. Hint: the purchases on this trip were huckleberry-centric. 

Tap Room Tours and local beer fanatic, Ryan Newhouse, then guided us on a 5-stop beer/distillery adventure. Highlights = Cold Smoke and this place (because we love a good cocktail). We'll be back when whiskey is in the picture.

That evening, we cruised down the road to Lolo for a throwback meal at Lolo Creek Steak House. Two thumbs up for the tenderloin and the rib eye. The desserts are ginormous. Share if you are feeling generous.

That night, we both had "I think I could live in Missoula" dreams. 

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